Thai food

Thai food is the food of Thailand. Thai food is popular all over the world for its unique taste and style of preparation. There are five basic flavors in every Thai food which are hot (spicy), sweet, bitter (optional)sour and salty. The four main regions of the country contributes to the traditional Thai food. There can be variations in the food according to the region. In Southern Thailand one can find curries mainly made of coconut milk. The unique feature of Thai food is their fresh use of spices and herbs. The fish sauce is used for preparing many Thai food. In western countries Thai food is very much popular. In New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada one can find many Thai restaurants serving pure Thai food. The famous Thai food are Khanom chin namya, Choo-Chee Plah Ga-Pong, Jok, Green curry, Khao Pad, Gai Pad Khing, Rad na, Boo Jah, Khao pad naem, Massaman curry, Tod man, Khao Tom, Panaeng, Pad Thai, Pad prik, Pad see ew, Tom kha gai, Pad kee mao and Tom yam.